Test drive the world’s fastest in-memory database for analytics on the world’s highest performance cloud

EXASOL – Built for speed without limits.

EXASOL achieves lighting fast performance with linear scalability by combining in-memory technology, columnar compression and storage, and massively parallel processing. Not only is EXASOL the world’s fastest database according to TPC-H Benchmarks, its standard SQL interfaces also means avoiding the trap of NoSQL skill shortages and easy compatibility with pre-existing applications and data structures. EXASOL is ideally suited for real-time big data reporting, analysis, and advanced analytics.

The Full Metal Cloud – Engineered to crunch big data.

Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud provides all the power and privacy of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud, making it the highest performance public cloud in the world. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualized public clouds.

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